Sweet Bonanza Candyland game review

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Sweet Bonanza Candyland — an interesting live game offered by the popular producer Pragmatic Play. The slot has a high return rate, has a very large range between the minimum and maximum bets. Players can play with different bankrolls thanks to this indicator.

The peculiarity of the slot is that it can be easily and simply launched from a computer and mobile device. The Sweet Bonanza Candyland game show is a kind of show where there is a host. Such projects are actively gaining popularity in the world of online gambling.

Therefore, such a development of the provider immediately received great success among online casino customers.

The following review of the popular online game Sweet Bonanza Candyland will allow readers to learn features of this gameplay, learn more about the rules of the game, and the benefits that gamers can get when running the emulator.

It should be noted that the Sweet Bonanza Candyland slot is not available to run in demo mode. You can’t enjoy the gameplay for free. In principle, this feature is typical for all games in real-time.

Release date — is 2021
Provider — Pragmatic
PlayRTP — 96.48%
Minimum bet — 0.2
Maximum bet — 3,000
Maximum win — x20,000
Game type — Live, TV show
The characteristics of Sweet Bonanza Candyland

What is Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candyland are live casino games that can be played in real-time. This game should not be confused with the Sweet Bonanza slot from the same provider. There are many differences between them. They can be observed in technical aspects, game features, and other points.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland was released in 2019. The emulator runs on an RNG and is available to run in demo mode. The playing field is represented by 6-5. The user receives winnings when the same symbols fall out per spin.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland demo Emulator is a TV show-themed gambling game with a big wheel that is spun by a real dealer. Players are invited to make different types of bets, which can bring different rewards.

Whereas Sweet Bonanza is a classic type of slot machine with an interesting playing field. It works based on a random number generator, available in demo mode and for real bets. This is not a live game, but a regular slot, which is very common in online casinos. It has a fascinating theme, red symbols are fruits and sweets.

Pragmatic Play has successfully created a captivating world in the play Sweet Bonanza Candyland slot with sweets and candies, as well as elements of the money wheel. This is a gambling live game that takes place in the studio.

Players can receive rewards for predicting sectors in the wheel itself. Also, two bonus games are available to users — they allow you to increase the rewards that were received based on the spin of the wheel. One of the bonus games is implemented in an online slot, so players can see some similarities between the two games of chance.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland — updated interpretation of the previous classic slot. This version is launched in live mode, and the playing field is presented in the form of a wheel. The gameplay continues the theme of sweets but looks different.

When starting this live game, users can see that a wheel with 54 colored segments will be presented in front of them. Most of the colored fields are filled with the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10. Additionally, you can see other images that will open access to more generous rewards or bonus rounds. These images include:

  • Lollipop symbols.
  • Sweet backs.
  • Sugar bomb symbol.

The purpose of the live game is very simple. The player just needs to predict in which sector the wheel will stop moving. Each segment has its payout ratio. The amount of the reward will depend on which lane the traffic will be stopped on. These are the highlights that distinguish the Sweet Bonanza Candyland live game from the Sweet Bonanza slot machine of the same name. As you can see, the difference is significant, although some common points are still present.

Play in the live casino game Sweet Bonanza Candyland because it has many advantages: Simple game rulesWide range of betsHigh probability of receiving generous winningsWide range of bonus featuresNice slot machine design

Sweet Bonanza Wheel

The Sweet Bonanza wheel has 54 sectors. Most enzymes are numbered. Sugar Bomb Booster is written in two sectors, Candy Drop on two more and Sweet Spins on one more. All that is required in the gameplay from the participant is to guess which of the 54 sectors the wheel will stop. If the bet is correct, then the gamer receives a reward depending on the payout table offered by the provider for this live game.

23 cells — 1
Number 5 is written on 15 parts of the wheel
7 segments — 10
2 wheel slots are reserved for the Sugar Bomb
2 segments — Candy Drop
1 cell — Spins
Players can make six bets

It works as follows: before the start of the wheel, there is a time for open bets. During this time, all participants must have time to make bets, each client can choose one or more betting options. The main thing is to have time to do it within the time that the provider has provided for this stage. Players can bet on:

  • number 1
  • number 2
  • number 3
  • number 5
  • number 10
  • Sweet Spins
  • Candy Drop

After a certain time, the bets are closed, and then the dealer spins the wheel. Upon completion of the rotation of the wheel, the arrow wheel stops on a certain segment, if it coincided with your bet, the user receives the winnings according to the payouts. For segments with images, payouts will be much more generous, and you can even open a bonus game.

Number 1 — 1:1
Number 2 — 2:1
Number 3 — 3:1
Number 5 — 5:1
Number 10 — 10:1
Sweet Spins — free spins
Candy Drop — mini-game
The client can receive the following payouts for bets

How to play in Greece

Gamers from Greece can also play the Sweet Bonanza Candyland live game. To do this, you need to decide an online casino that offers similar gameplay to launch, and then register. It will not be difficult for users from Greece to find suitable and reliable gambling and entertainment establishment.

After all, many popular online casinos actively cooperate with the Pragmatic Play provider and actively offer its developments on their websites.

The live game is only available for real bets. Therefore, gamers need to carefully consider the choice of online casinos. The gambling portal must:
have a license
accept gamers from Greece
offer favorable terms of membership  

Game features

The most observant readers will surely notice that the Sweet Bonanza live casino slot offers three special bet options. These are interesting bonus features of the live casino game that will impress any customer. Each has interesting offers that make the gameplay more interesting and generous. These functions include:

Candy Drop. The feature offers an RNG-based mini-game. The player is invited to choose a colored candy, which will roll further through the maze. This labyrinth consists of 4 paths, and each path has a random multiplier.
Sugar bomb. A special segment can offer the player additional multipliers to the following bets. These multipliers fall out randomly, and their size can vary from x2 to x10. Сombination, which allows you to increase the amount of winnings.
Sweet Spins. This is another optional mini-game. The gameplay takes place on a 6×5 playing field. The reels in this bonus round do not spin, which makes the mini-game more intriguing. This mini-game offers the biggest win — x20,000.

Provider Pragmatic Play has added another side bet to the new game in 2022. Players can now bet on the Bubble Surprise sector. This segment will open up an additional mini-game for users. This round will be like a single reel slot. You can get a reward regardless of which sector the arrow has stopped on.

You can place six different bets
Bright and colorful studio for gameplay
High-quality video
The maximum multiplier is x20,000
Four additional features
Therefore, the gameplay promises to be interesting
This live game is characterized by the following points

Sweet Bonanza Candyland FAQ

By whom, and when was the Sweet Bonanza Candyland live slot released?

A compelling slot based on the TV game Sweet Bonanza Candyland was released by the popular provider Pragmatic Play. For the first time, the development was presented to online casino customers in 2021.

What is the return and volatility of Sweet Bonanza Candyland?

The provider has made the game quite generous. So the RTP in this simulator is 96.48%, which is above average. The volatility of the emulator is unique and can be changed due to special symbols.

Can I play the game for free?

No. This game is not available to run in demo mode. Gamers can only place real bets based on a personal deposit.

What appealing features are offered in the game?

The emulator offers four exciting features: Candy Drop, Sugar Bomb, Sweet Spins, and Bubble Surprise. Each feature brings players the opportunity to take part in an additional mini-game.

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